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Advantage Urinals

Personal Urinal Systems

Are You Bedridden?

Unable To Access Bathrooms?

Worried About Night Falls?

Don't Want Catheter Side Effects?

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Advantage Urinals

Provide The Solution

You Can Use Them Yourself

Maintain Your Independance

Spill Proof Design, Large Capacity

Use All Night...Empty In The Morning

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Advantage Urinals

For Both Men And Women

Male Urinal (Multiple Models)

Female Urinal (Multiple Models)

All Urinals Natural Rubber Latex Free!

Privacy Bags Available for All Models

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Advantage Urinals

Perfect For Care Givers

Wake Up Less For Bathroom Support

Easier Than A Catheter

Bulk Pricing For Hospitals

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Better Personal Urinals for Both Men and Women

The Benefits of Owning An Advantage Urinal System

Patient Benefits

Advantage Urinals Have Many Patient Benefits

Advantage Urinal provides patients with new freedom and flexibility. Not only can it help patients become more independent, but provides the following as well:

– Decreases Infections
– Decreases Urine Spills
– Reduces Accidents
– Increases Dignity & Independence
– Decreases Excess or Nighttime Ambulation

Caregiver Benefits

Advantage Urinals Are Great For Caregivers

Advantage Urinal provides incredible assistance to caregivers. Not only can it simplify the work of a caregiver, but provides the following as well:

– Time Savings
– Uninterrupted Night Sleep
– Reduction of Spills and Odors
– Easy To Empty
– Large Capacity

The Advantage Urinal

What Are Advantage Urinals?

For those who are incontinent of bladder, wheelchair bound, home bound or require assistance with toileting, the Advantage Urinal System is a must have. The Advantage Urinal System is quicker to use than negotiating difficult or smaller bathrooms or when assistance isn’t readily available. The ease of use of the urinal ensures less accidents and more independence for the user. The urinal, likewise, is easy to empty when needed.