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What is the Advantage Urinal System?

Hi my name is Larry with Advantage systems. I want to talk to you for a minute about urinal systems. You no doubt are in need of (them) and I know how serious this can be in your life.

Let me say this, first off you’ll be up exposed to urinals that are single use. That means you you urinate in them they need to be emptied, or the person using it has to get up and go to the bathroom and empty it. That’s good, it’s better than nothing. But better would be a system that allows it to be used over and over, multi-use.

Some of these systems, however, the more you use them through the night they get heavier and they’re a bit of a challenge to position them for a person, particularly in a weakened state.

I want to introduce this system. This is the advantage system. It’s patented. It’s well designed. It’s designed to empty quick. It’s a multi-use system is the fastest draining system in the world. Basically urine goes in here. It’s comfortable. It has as a foam seal on this particular model. We have several models but this one has a foam seal (that) makes it very comfortable.

Urine goes in here (see video). It drains out very quickly through this hose and into this bag which again is the fastest draining bag in the world. Then, in the morning after you use the system many times through the night you can then, when it’s daylight, go and empty this thing. It’s very simple to empty.

But first off let me show you how simple it is to use. So the urine is stored away from the bed so that bed can stay nice and dry. So lets just say that you go once during the night. Or maybe you go a lot during the night. And, we could pour up to two quarts. We used two quarts and that bag will hold that. And that’s mighty important to us because we don’t wanna be worrying about that. But you’ll notice even if this (the urinal) is dropped, nothing will come out either because all the urine is safely stored away down to the side of the bed keeping the person dry. Keeping their skin integrity. You don’t want any of those kinda problems if you don’t need them.

So, in conclusion this is a multi-use, simple to clean, very easy to use. And then it’s a one-handed release when you go to empty it. It’s kinda nice that you can just take this release with your thumb and flip it and open it and drain it in the morning when it’s safe and you can see well.

Our systems are a great blessing. Go to our website and read some of the testimonies of people who have used these. Thank you. —

Urinal Information

As our population ages we see trends of many types. We even see them in one of the most personal areas of our lives, such as need and ability to take care of the act of urinating. For most of us this has been, and will be, a private matter since childhood. Self-reliance and dignity in this process are important to us all. It is paramount that a person does all he or she can for themselves. If you, or a loved one, is having challenges with these issues, you will be exposed to a lot of new terminology such as:

  • Foley for convenience
  • Urinals
  • Bed pans
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Urinary continence
  • Portable urinals
  • Single use urinals
  • Night falls
  • Urine smells
  • Internal catheters
  • External catheters
  • Multiple use urinals
  • Wet beds
  • Chucks
  • Sheet protectors
  • Excoriation
  • Skin breakdown
  • Diapering
  • the list goes on…

To learn more about issues concerning continence, go to the National Association for Continence (NAFC) website.

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These are all attempts to help a person fulfill this basic need in the best way possible. However, all of them have drawbacks and fall short of being the perfect urinal system.

Good News! Now There’s a Product that Can Help You!

Advantage Urinal Diagram

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The Advantage Urinal System is a personal urinal system that is being used in Hospitals, Private Homes, Nursing Homes, Extended Care facilities, Skilled Nursing facilities, Home Health Agencies and more. The Advantage Urinal System is useful in Rehabilitation centers as well; patients can easily learn to use the Advantage Urinal System under the direction of an RN, LPN, Nursing Aide or Rehab personnel such as Occupational therapists.

For those who are continent of bladder, wheelchair bound, home bound or require assistance with toileting, the Advantage Urinal System is a must have. It is quicker and easier to use than negotiating difficult/smaller bathrooms or when assistance isn’t readily available. The urinal provides great ease-of-use, ensures less accidents and more independence for the user. The Advantage Urinal System, likewise, is easy to empty and very light weight. It truly is the only personal urinal of its’ kind.

At such an affordable price, and with all of the amazing features Advantage Urinals provide, we’re confident in saying that they are the best personal urinals that money can buy.

Features & Advantages:

There are many reasons for using the Advantage Urinal System over conventional urinals. Read through the following list to get an idea of what the right personal urinal can do for you, or for someone you care for.