Built To Last

The Advantage Urinal System is constructed to withstand any abuse. The Advantage Urinal System is made of the finest materials; materials built to last. It isn’t made with natural rubber latex, thus helping those who are sensitive to natural rubber latex (allergies). The Advantage Urinal System features these elements:

Polyethylene Urinal (Not Natural Latex Rubber)

  • Rubber Connector – Maintains diameter size of liquid flow to prevent blockage
  • Anti-Reflux Valve – Prevents liquid from escaping bag and entering hose
  • Release Valve – Prevents any leakage while allowing easy release and disposal of liquid
  • Privacy Bag – (Optional) Keeps unit discreet and private

No Nighttime Falls or Injuries

With the use of the Advantage Urinal System, nighttime falls can be reduced or eliminated. It allows the user to remain in bed, throughout the night, without having to get up to use the bathroom or empty a single-use urinal. Oftentimes, trips to the bathroom can result in dangerous falls and breaks.

Here at Advantage Urinal, the only fall we want is the one that follows summer.


Increases Dignity & Independence

Because the Advantage Urinal System stays in bed with patients, and can remain there throughout the night, it helps to promote independence and dignity. Not only can the system be used by those who are bedridden, but can be used by those who are wheelchair bound or experiencing any medical condition that inhibits the ability to use the bathroom. For anyone in this type of condition, the Advantage Urinal system allows the individual to use it under his/her own power, maintain privacy and a feeling of self-reliance.

Noninvasive (Maintains Bladder-memory)

The noninvasive nature of all of The Advantage Urinal Systems is one of the most important features and benefits to those that use them. The loss of bladder memory can be permanent and cause ongoing difficulties and medical conditions. Both indwelling and external catheters can destroy the “urge” from the bladder (people can no longer feel the urge to void). Needless to say, this can lead to a negative effect on lifestyle and happiness.

Germ Resistant & Comfortable

The 1st stage (urinal part) of the Advantage Urinal is made of polypropylene, which is germ resistant. The closed cell rings on the Comfort Male, and the Comfort Female are also made of polypropylene. The ring feels much like a foam sponge, but does not absorb fluids. This is very important for it to remain germ resistant and for cleaning. A glass of warm soapy water rinsed through the system and drained out of the bag keeps the unit ready for use (note: it is a good idea to put a tablespoon of bleach in a glass of water and run it through the systems weekly).

Caters to Variety of Medical Conditions

The Advantage Urinal System is appropriate for a variety of medical reasons and conditions including those who have had strokes, amputations, fractured limbs or joint replacements, paraplegics, fraility, limited mobility, obesity, difficulty ambulating/walking, old age, etc. For anyone with a need for a personal urinal, the Advantage Urinal System is a must have.

Always Empty & Usable All Night

The Advantage Urinals is always empty and ready all through the night. Urine rapidly drains from the urinal, through a tube, into a l-liter collection bag. This allows it to be used over and over and is always empty and ready for the next use. The user/patient can stay in bed as well as the caregiver, permitting both to get a good night’s sleep. This makes the Advantage Urinal practically the best spill-proof urinal available, compared to traditional urinal systems, which can spill-over into beds and cause sanitary problems.

Great For Home Caregivers

As an assistive device, the Advantage Urinal System is a great aid for home health workers, or caregivers, to aid in the care of their patients. It is also useful when discharging a patient that will need help in the home or has limited support in the home, giving them a personal urinal that requires minimal, if any assistance. Please take a moment to read through some testimonials by caregivers who have used it.

Helps Maintain Urinary Continence

One common problem with standard catheters is that they cause urinary incontinence. Urinary incontinence is the inability to control the flow of urine and involuntary urination. Basically, the ability to control the bladder is lost and can cause embarrassing accidents. Due to the non-invasive nature of the Advantage Urinal, they help patients to maintain urinary continence and full control of the bladder.

Ultra Lightweight

The ultra lightweight Advantage Urinal Systems can be used many times during the night and due to the weight of the 1st Stage, or urinal portion, the urinal always stays the exact same weight. This is important when a person is in a weakened condition due to age, illness, injury or debilitation. It is easy to use and maneuver then go right back to sleep. Many people don’t even turn on the light to use the Advantage Urinal Systems and, of course, the caregiver is also enjoying some uninterrupted rest through the night.

Reduces Caregiver Workload

The Advantage Urinals are lightweight, easy to user and to care for. They can remain in bed with the patient who can use it at his/her leisure. This can greatly reduce the workload of a caregiver by eliminating the need to change urinals throughout the night, cleaning spills and caring for potential skin breakdown and hygiene.

Optional Privacy Bag

With each of our urinal systems, you have the option of purchasing a privacy bag. The Advantage Urinal privacy bag looks just like a laptop computer bag. It’s padded and has a side compartment as well as lots of pockets allowing you to have all your personal items in one place. It’s is perfect for road trips and Long term Care facilities requiring privacy bags. It has a padded shoulder strap and is machine washable. This is a great value for a quality bag and all the Advantage Urinal Systems can be used with it.

Not Limited to Medical Patients

The use of the Advantage Urinal System is not only limited to medical patients. As a personal urinal, it is useful in any situation in which a person may go for a long period of time without a bathroom. This can be an advantage and help to those such as truckers, boaters, or hunters in a blind or a treestand.