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For testimonials from care givers instead of clients.

Always Empty

These are his favorite, after years of experimenting. The soft padded opening is not irritating on his delicate bits. There are no rough edges or lid to irritate. The draining feature is especially helpful at night since it doesnt need dumped. Mom sleeps better instead of dumping urinals. Now theres never a heavy full chamber […]

Easy To Use

This urinal has been a blessing, husband cannot always get to the bathroom especially at night. The traditional kind was awkward and he spilled it, ugh. Thus one solves that problem as it holds 2 liters and cannot spill. Easy to empty and easy to clean. So much better than traditional one.

Fantastic Sleep Saver

This has gone above and beyond my expectations! I purchased two. My husband was getting up many times per night, waking himself in walking back and forth. Now that he has this he does not have to get up every time, and falls right back to sleep.

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Perfect For Bedside

This has been a life saver for my overactive bladder dad. My dad had a stroke 5 months ago and isn’t mobile by himself. He usually has to pee a few times in the night, and getting him up and out of bed while half asleep is just too difficult. I had first purchased just […]

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Highly Recommended

A relative of mine has Parkinson’s, bladder control issues and a recent mobility issues related to surgery. So he is not in a position to jump right out of bed to use the bathroom. In the past he has used a typical urine bottle but unfortunately due to balance issues and tremors has dropped or […]

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Fantastic Product

This is a replacement system for another one. Fantastic product for my husband who is bed bound. I only empty it in am and pm and it would probably be ok once a day. Company and owner are great to work with and will help you if you have any concerns.

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Works Great!

I purchased this item for my husband who is can not get up safely at night. I was not sure if it would work for him because he is paralyzed on one side of his body and has shoulder issues with his good side. I was getting up 4-6 times a night and most days […]

How Wonderful It Is!

My husband used it for the first time last night and he woke up raving about how wonderful it is. He was able to sleep better without having to worry about an accidental spill from a regular urinal. Also he said that all urinals should come with the comfortable foam entrance. It was very easy […]

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Really Works As Stated!

My 80+ year old father suddenly found himself with bursitis, unable to walk and prostrate problem. I brought him home to stay with me and found the smell in his space overwhelming, not to mention he kept missing the urinal cup and wetting his clothing. I looked everywhere and then found this on Amazon. I […]

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Best Urinal System

During a series of life threatening I llnesses that caused my husband to be bed ridden for nearly 7 months, I became his caregiver. After trying several urinals including condoms with tubing and leg bag I found this Reusable Portable urinal system. It was a life saver at home and when we had to go […]

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Perfect Urinal

This is perfect for my 98 year old father. Since he is almost blind he uses a urinal, if your reading this then you know I’ve had to empty it multiple times a day. Now, with this unit, I only empty it in the morning and evening. No more spilling. This is a perfect design. […]

The Best Product!

Without hesitation I would recommend this product. My husband needs to go to the bathroom several times during the night. Twice he fell, both times it was serious (911 serious one time). I search for something he could use in bed without the fear of leaks or spills. Found it in this portable urinal!!! It […]

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Great Parkinsons Product

Great product. We use it for my father with Parkinson’s and its been great for him. He was struggling to get up and use the toilet multiple times a night. Sometimes because of the difficulty getting up, he couldn’t make it in time. This has given him great peace of mind and it’s easy to […]

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Professional Caregiver

I am a professional caregiver and purchased this item for an elderly client with Parkinson’s disease who was having trouble maneuvering a regular urinal during the nighttime. After many spills requiring complete bed changes during the night I began using this product which could be positioned in place at bedtime and it drained after each […]

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Saved Our Family

This product has literally saved the family the hassle of having to rip up carpet and put in tile floors in my Dad’s room. He is on “portable life support” and unable to reach the bathroom when “plugged in”. We had regular Urinals but he has many issues of dropping the container or putting it […]

Better Than Hospital Version

I wish I had thought to look for something like this sooner before my husband got so ill. It would have been very helpful for the times in the middle of the night when he had trouble getting to the bathroom fast enough. Later when he was in a hospital bed in hospice care at […]

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Easy To Use

This works very well. It is very convenient for my dad who has mobility issues but had to get up often during the night to urinate. This way he doesn’t have to empty the urinal each time…he can empty it once in the morning. Easy to use and empty.

Easy to Clean

My husband has been using the system for a few days and it working well for him. He keeps it hidden under the sheet so others will not see the urinal sitting on his bedside stand. It has helped me from emptying the urinal every time he voided, now I can do it a couple […]

More Sleep For Me

Why didn’t someone think of this before? I’m a registered nurse caring for an invalid male family member, and this is the best urinal for night time use (don’t need it during the day). I don’t have to check every 2-3 hrs to see if it needs emptying, which means more sleep for me. I […]

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Arrived In A Timely Fashion

So the nursing home gave us the run around for a month and sent my poor incontinent Dad home with NOTHING, saying the home nursing group would get the cathadars for us. This has been a time, back and pride saver for me and Dad. It arrived in a timely fashion in a sealed package.

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Meets My Needs

While no system has really met all my needs, this is the closest one to it. I rated it five stars because it is worth it. My husband had a stroke and he can actually use this system at nightime with some success. With more practice he should be able to be more and more […]

We Are Both Happy

My husband broke his leg and is wheel chair/ walker bound. Getting to a bathroom quickly day/ night is impossible. He was using one of those portable urinals at the hospital but did not like the idea of going again in the urinal because of possible spillage. We bought two of these and I empty […]

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A Good Nights Sleep

My husband has been using this for a few weeks now (he has MS) and doesn’t have to get out of bed to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. I would always have one eye open when he got up to make sure he didn’t fall. Now we both can get a […]

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Glad We Purchased

Glad that we purchased this for my dad. Sure will save a lot of work for all us helping. I spoke with the company and they definitely stand behind their products. Would highly recommend this for people who need help with this area of life and those who may just be a little tired from […]

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A Life Saver For Me

A life saver for me. Using this system I no longer have to change bed pads. The device handles hang conveniently on the side of the bed easily accessible to my husband who no longer needs to stumble into the bathroom, often not making it in time. I ordered two, One to keep in the […]

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Great Product for Father!

My elderly father was having issues with the standard urinals at night. He would overfill and spill them. He lives in a retirement facility and the staff were not happy at times because of this – therefore, it made my father unhappy. I researched spill proof urinals but many complained about “backwash”. I knew this […]

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Best Present Ever

Best present I have ever given myself! Cannot say enough for the sleep this little system affords to me. My husband is a stroke survivor and still has frequent urination through the night. This system is so much better than any other I tried. Thank you for a product, well made and easy to use. […]

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Little Things Mean A Lot

This device made a huge difference in comfort and convenience for my husband. Quality construction. Designed for ease of use and comfort it allowed him to use it while lying on his back, or side. He also used it while seated. The spill-proof high capacity bag also reduced his concerns and increased his independence. He […]

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What A Relief

This is great – and arrived on the heels of trying many other types of urinals. The User of this product is unable to stand and no longer experiences back flow or dribbling from regular urinals nor am I needing to empty & rinse it every 20 minutes.

The Best Urinal System

This unit is the best! We bought it over 4 months ago and have no complaints! My relative was keeping a urinal next to his recliner as he was physically unable to make it to the bathroom from the TV room. Unfortunately, it was getting knocked over a bit too often. The smell, the mess […]

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This Is An Extraordinary Item

This is an extraordinary item! To date I have bought 3 of them (3 separate orders). My husband has advanced Parkinson’s disease. Prior to using this device he was using a one-time use urinal. During this process I got VERY little sleep. Was constantly up so I could empty it for reuse. This one is […]

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So Much Better Than Plastic Bottles

This urinal is so much better than the hard plastic bottles, the foam around the rim makes it more comfortable; my dad has been using this for a while and it has made his life better, he is not having to sit up every time to use a urinal, this was getting hard for him. […]

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Staff Handled My Transaction With Ease

The product arrived on time but unfortunately I wrote the wrong address and had to resubmit the correct one. The Staff at Urinal Systems handled my transaction with ease.. I was very pleased how they took care of my mistake and were happy to help me.. My father can sleep now…

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Definitely Would Purchase Again

I bought this for my Mother and I think it’s great. She thinks the opening is too small so I bought her another one with a bigger opening but am saving this one since I may need it someday. Super fast shipping and I definitely would purchase from again.

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Brilliant Idea!

This is a brilliant idea for those that need this product. It saves many sleepless nights for family caregivers. I am able to assist, and go right back to sleep without worries. If the patient is able to manage this on their own, it would be a triple blessing. I would recommend this product to […]

Thank You To Whoever Invented This Product

We purchased this product for my father-in-law who is in a home. He is almost wheelchair bound and cannot get out of bed during the night by himself. He uses this product and it is great. So much better than a regular urinal. He does not have to worry about spillage. He says it allows […]

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User Pleased With The Device

If a male one cares for needs such a device–a urinal similar to those provided in hospitals but different in that can be used by a man without sitting up in bed and which has a foam buffer around its opening for comfort, this one works adequately–because, I think, it utilizes the same holding container […]

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Great Investment

My husband had a stroke and lost the use of the left side of his body. He was going to the bathroom every hour and I was not able to get much sleep at night. We looked around and saw this and thought we would give it a try. He was able to hold it […]

Very Good Product!

I bought it for my 80 years old mother, but she has hard time to get to use to it… she tried several times, but was a disaster, I told her that she needed some practice… I think that the urinal is very good itself, although my mum could not use it. Somehow for summer […]

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Dry And Independent

My wife ordered this for my mother who is bedridden, incontinent and has periods of confusion. We had to keep three waterproof pads under her at a time to try and keep bed dry and we washed 2-3 loads of pads a day because even with three pads spread out under her the linens would […]

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No More Diaper Rash

Larry, We are having our bathroom remodeled to make room for a wheelchair so Ken is going back into the rehabilitation hospital for a couple of weeks. When they admitted him they asked how his rash (diaper) had been. I told them that he hadn’t had any rashes since I started using your special urinal. […]

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I Live In Australia

I live in Australia and I recently purchased your “male urinal, comfort modelI would like to thank your company for an excellent product. My husband has had a stroke and has experienced loss of bladder control. Your product has made his and my life so much easier. I would like to thank Larry for all […]

Perfect Solution

This product was purchased for a female patient who had an “Indiana Augmentation”. As her caretaker I was having a very difficult time keeping urine off her body during the night. with this Urinal System in place next to her on the bed she was clean and dry all night. This is the perfect solution […]

Very useful

I bought two of these for my father who is unsteady on his feet and needs to urinate frequently at night. We hang on portable assist side rail. It has never spilled and saved caretakers repeatedly getting up in night with him and avoided potential falls. My mother has told me frequently how well it […]

Peace of Mind

This urinal system has given us peace of mind at night. My father can use this at night and not have to get out of bed. With the bag, you do not have to worry about spills as with a traditional urinal. The bag is easy to empty and can be rinsed out. It is […]

No more wet bedding!

My disabled dad would often accidentally spill urine from his “regular” urine bottle when he had to “go” during the night. Wet clothing and bedding was the result, and my dad would get upset. This urinal system has solved the problem! The urine goes right down the tube and into the bag. My dad is […]

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Your Product Saved a Life

I am a hospice nurse and have worked with a patient for the past year. He was a bed bound person for the last couple of years. He had excoriated skin and break down due to the fact that his external catheter systems failed causing wet beds. I have used your product for the last […]

Never thought I would love a urinal!

My husband has Parkinson’s and it is extremely difficult to get him up and to the toilet (in time) and standing over him waiting for the flow to start was driving me crazy. I searched endlessly for a solution…when I discovered this urinal. It sits comfortably between his legs and does not spill. The bag […]

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Product is a Godsend

This product is a Godsend. I was finding it necessary to get up several times a night to change diapers. Now I am getting up once. It works for us like a condom catheter should work, but never has. I am thankful to be getting more rest and thus more energy to handle caring for […]

Life Saving Urinal Bag

This urinal is amazing!!! It lasts for 6 hours so that you can sleep during the night. We taped weights under the rear side of handle for better positioning. Make sure tube doesn’t get bend for proper drainage. This beats the 2 hr. nite shift change with the regular plastic urine bottle.

Good Product

I purchased for my father who needs to get up 3-4 times every evening to use the urinal. Rather than having 4 individual urinals being managed by someone who can barely sit by the bed side, this product did the job. He sits by the bed side and uses the product which does not require […]

Great For Invalid

This product works very well for invalid who has some problems with incontinence at night. Might have a damp spot in morning but never a soaked bed. Was able to sleep with it between his legs due to it’s design. Only thing would have made it better is if the bags were made so you […]

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Great Product!

I was getting up 4 or more times a night to empty my fathers urinal, or take him to the bathroom. One of those times, in a state of sleep deprived desperation, I went online and found the Advantage Urinal System. That changed my life. This is such a simple Idea. A urinal attached to […]

Best Urinal Ever!

Since my father’s bi-lateral amputations we were constantly searching for a different type of urinal to meet his needs. My sister saw this urinal on Amazon and immediately understood the logic of this product. This is exactly what we needed. It is spill proof, simple to use and makes the job of a care giver […]