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For testimonials from users of the advantage urinals.

A Life Improver

Makes life so much easier for those who can not stand or walk to urinate.Makes it easier on caregivers or user to empty less frequently.Would recommend highly. Using for over a year, could not get along without it.

Excellent Service

This is a great seller. I always receive excellent service. One time I had an issue with my order and they responded immediately and sent a replacement to me at no charge. I highly recommend them and this product.

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Best Choice

Bought this in advance of a knee replacement surgery. Easy to use, easy to clean. For me it was good for an entire 24 hour day at a time. No leaks, no spills, no sharp edges. Would honestly buy this again if/when I need to do so. My wife was also pleased (she was the […]

Easy to Clean

My husband has been using the system for a few days and it working well for him. He keeps it hidden under the sheet so others will not see the urinal sitting on his bedside stand. It has helped me from emptying the urinal every time he voided, now I can do it a couple […]

Useful After Surgery

Yes, this was great and so useful after surgery, when getting to the bathroom several times a day or night was nearly impossible. It was a simple well designed device and loved the little hook on the bag for hanging on bedside. Also the hand held device had a flat bottom, easy to place. So […]

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Unique Concept

This style of female urinal is a unique concept that works very well for people who are bed bound. There is very little spillage compared to the other types of urinals. The Styrofoam top is a lot more comfortable to use than the non-giving hard plastic top many have. I am very pleased with the […]

This Was A Life Saver

This was a life saver. I broke my leg and was unable to put any weight on it. Going to the bathroom in the middle of the night was impossible. The urinal is easy to use and easy to clean. I also purchased the waterproof pads to put on the floor next to the bed, […]

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Works Well

Works well. Takes a little getting used to but once you learn how to position it, helps tremendously. Keeps patient dry and cuts down on number of linen changes and skin irritation. Worth the cost.

Arrived In A Timely Fashion

So the nursing home gave us the run around for a month and sent my poor incontinent Dad home with NOTHING, saying the home nursing group would get the cathadars for us. This has been a time, back and pride saver for me and Dad. It arrived in a timely fashion in a sealed package.

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Very High Quality

I’m very impressed by the durability of this clever device, it seems to be built to last. The bag is of a very heavy duty vinyl, so no worries about it splitting open and spilling (yuck). As others have noted, it’s a lifesaver to anyone who is tired of emptying urinals all day and night, […]

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We Are Both Happy

My husband broke his leg and is wheel chair/ walker bound. Getting to a bathroom quickly day/ night is impossible. He was using one of those portable urinals at the hospital but did not like the idea of going again in the urinal because of possible spillage. We bought two of these and I empty […]

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Great Product for Father!

My elderly father was having issues with the standard urinals at night. He would overfill and spill them. He lives in a retirement facility and the staff were not happy at times because of this – therefore, it made my father unhappy. I researched spill proof urinals but many complained about “backwash”. I knew this […]

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Best Product For Incontinence

I have been using the Reusable Portable Female Comfort Fit Advantage Urinal System with Spill Proof Collection Bag for 3 years and it has totally improved the quality of my life. From this point forward I will refer to this item/product as the “Pee Machine”. Yes, I call this my “Pee Machine”. Due to my […]

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No More Spills

Have had this for over a month with no leaks, spills or smells. It is so convenient for my wife who works during the day not to have to worry about multiple urine bottles, etc. My wife is an RN, and has recommended it to patients who cannot get to the bathroom all the time. […]

So Happy

So happy we bought this. I highly recommend this urinal system. This system allows the person to easily use it while lying down. It has a one way valve system which prevents spills and limits odors.

Restful Comfortable Night

I have osteoarthritis so it is painful to get up at night to urinate. I am also on a diuretic for high blood pressure. Those two conditions make it painful most nights to get up several times. This allows me to have a much more restful and comfortable night.

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Satisfied User

I am a physically disabled woman and it is very difficult for me to get in and out of bed so I had problems using the bathroom at night. I purchased the Advantage Comfort Female Urinal System and have continued to use it for the past two years. Since purchasing this system, my nights have […]

Sleep Well With This

If, like me, you are up and down to the bathroom all night, this will be a great help. Simply sleep on your side with the urinal in place. When the urge starts to wake you up, simply let fly, then tip the urinal up to drain into the bed bag, place yourself inside again, […]

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Excellent Device

First, customer service is exceptional, prompt and fast. Outstanding product. I originally bought because I’m having extensive foot surgery and walking will be super difficult let alone getting up 2-3 times during the night to use the bathroom. In giving this a trial run to make sure I get the routine down before my surgery, […]

At Last A Good Nights Sleep

This product is awesome. I purchased it through Amazon for a cross country trip with some camping . I am an older guy and sometimes need to pee, like right now. I decided to practice using before heading out on my trip and to my surprise have had the most restful sleep in many years […]

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Best Urinal Ever!

Beyond what the other reviewers have said about having a drainage bag the design of the urinal is GREAT! Why they don’t all come with a rounded bottom for ease of use is beyond me. Well done Advantage! My only complaint is I wish they made this design without the bag for daytime use. I […]

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Excellent Product

It seems like some form of linguistic twist to use the adjective ‘Beautiful’ while discussing a urinal, but that’s what fits. Previous reviews describing advantages and benefits do an excellent job of explaining things so I’ll not waste your time reading a re-write of them, except to say they should be reviewed. This item comes […]

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Changed My Life

I was born with a disability, Arthrogryposis, and have used a wheelchair all my life. About a year ago, my husband had a mild stroke and was no longer able to use the hoyer to take me to the bathroom at night. Out of desperation one night, we searched for female urinals and discovered that […]

Fast Shipping – Great Product

Very impressed with how quickly this product arrived. I always look for that from companies that sell medical products. Works well, is lightweight and durable, even the tubing. Would recommend this product. (Company also included a small bag of candy – a nice customer service touch!)

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Love This It Lasts Quite A Long Time

This is the second one I bought. The first one lasted over a year! Manufacture recommends replacing every month or so. If you treat it well you can get long life out of this. While I am not Physically limited, I appreciate that it makes getting up to pee unnecessary. I can sleep with it […]

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A Good Night Sleep At Last

I am 63 yrs old and still very healthy. I do have active kidneys that keep active overnight, especially after drinking a lot of liquids which is good for you. This does frequently require me to get up several time a night. Returning to sleep then is difficult and I toss and turn for a […]

Life Made Easier

I give this a definite 5. This urinal system is very convenient. It is shaped so it sits flat and is much more covenient than a standard urinal. The padded opening is much more comfortable. The one way valve leaves no room for spillage and the bag holds ample amounts and thus far has not […]

Life saver!

It’s strong, and easily to dispose contents and easy to clean. Just make sure when laying down to keep the tubes downwards to let contents flow down instantly or else it may overflow on the cup.

No More Nighttime Spills

I use a wheelchair and have used this product for a couple of months since I bought it to replace an old bottle-type one-liter “spill-proof” male urinal which I would occasionally accidentally overfill during the night. The two-liter capacity of the down drain bag is more than enough for me. The drain bag hangs conveniently […]

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