About Us

My name is Larry Garlock. I’m the owner/manager of Advantage Urinal Systems as well as the inventor of our products. I would like to share some history of our product with you and our reason for developing it.

Problem With Internal Catheters

Years ago a friend of ours stayed with us for a time. He had the need to void 2-3 times through the night, and I would have to get up each time to empty his urinal. At the time, I had to work early in the morning and soon found that I was so tired with the interrupted sleep that I began to think of the conventional options such as bed pads, indwelling catheters and of course, the external taped on catheter. Having worked in a hospital, I knew that any of these options would cause problems. I knew that, with the indwelling catheters, my friend would eventually get a bladder infection and lose his bladder memory (the urge and ability to void).

Problem With External Catheters

An external catheter would have caused problems as well. External catheters cause bladder memory loss and the skin to break down. They are attached by placing one piece of flexible tape around the penis with the sticky side up. Then, a condom is positioned and another piece of tape, with the sticky side down, is wrapped around it. Not only would this cause the problems previously mentioned, but could result in the following as well:

– The tape too is loose and it falls off. The result, a wet bed.
– The tape is too tight, swells and cuts the skin. The result, pain and infection.
– The condom twists and breaks. Wet bed. The skin excoriates quickly and can cause skin break-down and infection as well as ulcers.
– Bladder memory loss.
– Loss of dignity and independence.

Is There A Better Option?

So, I began to wonder what could I think of that would be non invasive, meet the needs of my friend as well as my need to avoid waking up 2-3 times per night. I thought of diapering, sheet protectors, or chucks. But, he knew when he needed to void. I thought of a larger container. But, in his weakened condition, the size and the weight was difficult to manage. Plus, it would get heavier with each voiding throughout the night.

Whatever I came up with needed to:

– Always be empty
– Be Ultra lightweight
– Be Multi-usable throughout the night
– Eliminate night-falls en route to get to the bathroom
– Reduce wet beds
– Provide uninterrupted sleep for the patient and caregiver
– Be non-invasive
– Prevent bladder memory loss
– Prevent bladder infections
– Prevent excoriated skin
– Be self-emptying
– Reduce odor
– Be easy to clean
– Help maintain independence and dignity

This was a tall order and very important for both me and my friend. After a lot of thought, frustration, study and many sleepless nights, the concept of “necessity being the mother of invention” was in full bloom. Finally a light turned on.

The Advantage Urinal System Is Born

The prototype was crude. It worked for me and my friend, just not very well. Over time, I gradually made improvements to the design until it reached a point in which it was ready to mass-produce. The “Advantage Urinal Systems Standard Male” was born.

The “Comfort Male” and the “Comfort Female” followed this product. The Black Privacy bag has been added to the line-up to help maintain privacy.

The Advantage Urinal Systems are in fact the three most all-inclusive and finest systems of this nature on earth. There are now three patents – trademarks and FDA approval. They are sold to a wide variety of individuals and distributed by the two biggest distributors in the nation. The Advantage Urinal Systems are currently being offered on over 100 web sites, including Amazon.

Take a moment and read a few of the countless testimonials from people just like you and I. It is my sincere hope that our products can help you and your loved ones.

Thank you,