Archive | May, 2011

Increases Dignity & Independence

Because the Advantage Urinal System stays in bed with patients, and can remain there throughout the night, it helps to promote independence and dignity. Not only can the system be used by those who are bedridden, but can be used by those who are wheelchair bound or experiencing any medical condition that inhibits the ability […]

Noninvasive (Maintains Bladder-memory)

The noninvasive nature of all of The Advantage Urinal Systems is one of the most important features and benefits to those that use them. The loss of bladder memory can be permanent and cause ongoing difficulties and medical conditions. Both indwelling and external catheters can destroy the “urge” from the bladder (people can no longer […]

Germ Resistant & Comfortable

The 1st stage (urinal part) of the Advantage Urinal is made of polypropylene, which is germ resistant. The closed cell rings on the Comfort Male, and the Comfort Female are also made of polypropylene. The ring feels much like a foam sponge, but does not absorb fluids. This is very important for it to remain […]

Caters to Variety of Medical Conditions

The Advantage Urinal System is appropriate for a variety of medical reasons and conditions including those who have had strokes, amputations, fractured limbs or joint replacements, paraplegics, fraility, limited mobility, obesity, difficulty ambulating/walking, old age, etc. For anyone with a need for a personal urinal, the Advantage Urinal System is a must have.