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Never thought I would love a urinal!

My husband has Parkinson’s and it is extremely difficult to get him up and to the toilet (in time) and standing over him waiting for the flow to start was driving me crazy. I searched endlessly for a solution…when I discovered this urinal. It sits comfortably between his legs and does not spill. The bag […]

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Built To Last

The Advantage Urinal System is constructed to withstand any abuse. The Advantage Urinal System is made of the finest materials; materials built to last. It isn’t made with natural rubber latex, thus helping those who are sensitive to natural rubber latex (allergies). The Advantage Urinal System features these elements: Polyethylene Urinal (Not Natural Latex Rubber) […]

Life Made Easier

I give this a definite 5. This urinal system is very convenient. It is shaped so it sits flat and is much more covenient than a standard urinal. The padded opening is much more comfortable. The one way valve leaves no room for spillage and the bag holds ample amounts and thus far has not […]

Life saver!

It’s strong, and easily to dispose contents and easy to clean. Just make sure when laying down to keep the tubes downwards to let contents flow down instantly or else it may overflow on the cup.

No Nighttime Falls or Injuries

With the use of the Advantage Urinal System, nighttime falls can be reduced or eliminated. It allows the user to remain in bed, throughout the night, without having to get up to use the bathroom or empty a single-use urinal. Oftentimes, trips to the bathroom can result in dangerous falls and breaks. Here at Advantage […]