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                      INCONTINENCE SUPPLIES                         Are these for sure the right supplies for you? Incontinence supplies can sometime cause a person who is continent to become incontinent. Incontinence supplies consist of chucks; adult diapers and catheters can result in: Loss of independence for both the person and the caregiver. The bladder memory – or the […]


                                                   ADULT DIAPERS                                       Are adult diapers right, right now? Adult diapers are wonderful products that help people, particularly those who truly are incontinent. An incontinent person usually does not have the warning signal or the urge to urinate, or the ability for whatever reason to successfully act on the feeling to urinate. This is […]

Very useful

I bought two of these for my father who is unsteady on his feet and needs to urinate frequently at night. We hang on portable assist side rail. It has never spilled and saved caretakers repeatedly getting up in night with him and avoided potential falls. My mother has told me frequently how well it […]


BED WETTING?                            Wetting the bed may be on its way out. Bed wetting, wetting the bed, wetting bed, or bedwetting; no matter how you phrase it, it is a situation that no one enjoys being in. Trauma, injury, illness, accident and many other reasons can bring about wetting the bed. In many cases incontinence […]


                                  SINGLE USE URINAL                         Is there something better out there?   Sometimes it is not practical to try to make it to the bathroom. Hence the device that can be close at hand and ready to use-the URINAL. I know a man who can’t get out of bed at night. He has a friend […]


                       Urine-Incontinence   “Reading these two words together makes one feel like washing our hands and maybe our eyes.”   These words have a rather an unsavory connotation. Urine, or to urinate, is a bodily function that has been a necessity but not an open topic of conversation. Incontinence refers to the state of not […]

Incontinent? Perhaps, Perhaps not!

                Incontinent? Perhaps, Perhaps not!                                                 MAKE SURE YOU OR YOUR LOVED ONE REALLY IS INCONTINENT The word incontinent means the loss of control over something, usually referring to a bodily function. This writing will address being incontinent of urine or the possibly of still remaining continent, with the proper supplies. If you or a […]


                             INCONTINENCE OR CONTINENCE?                   Sometimes the proper tool can make the difference. A friend of mine could always tell when he needed to urinate. (CONTINENCE). But by the time he got out of bed and tried to make it to the bathroom he often had the problem of not making it in time. […]

Rough Pregnancy

Awesome product. I just came off a rough pregnancy. My bed rest days were made much easier with this urinal. I was able to stay in bed at night without worrying about waddling to the bathroom every hour. The seal was very comfortable during use and it only needed to be emptied once a day. […]


                                Advantage Urinal Systems   What are the advantages of The Advantage Urinal Systems? What makes them the finest products of this nature on earth? The Advantage Urinal Systems are an alternative to indwelling catheters and external condom catheters, which will both, cause infections if used long enough.   The Advantage Urinal Systems help maintain […]

Is a catheter really what you need?

                                                                         WHAT IS A CATHETER? A foley catheter is a thin steriindwelling catheter. It is held in place by a balloon inflated in the bladder filled with sterile water. le tube inserted into the bladder to drain urine. It is also called and The foley catheter may introduce infection into the bladder. The risk […]

Urinating at inopportune times

             Urinating at inopportune times   Urinating is the body’s normal and natural method of ridding itself of the waste product urine. Urinating and remaining continent, or in control of our bladder emptying, has been an important part of growing up. Normally urinating is not so much a concern as it is a routine in […]


                             CONTINENCE     Urinary continence is one of the greatest joys in life! This is a very odd and unusual comment made about a subject that is not usually talked about at all if we don’t have to. However it is so true. Making such a statement usually means that at one time or […]


MALE URINALS When I was a boy I had a 4/10 Single shot shotgun. It was good. As I aged a bit I bought a 5 shot pump shotgun. It was better   Years went by and finally I purchased a semi-automatic shotgun.                      It is the absolute best.   The analogy I have used […]

                                     Falls       Falls represent a major health threat to the elderly often resulting in disability or death.   Factors in this problem are lower extremity weakness, balance, instability, poor vision, medication and reduced light.   Many studies have been done on this situation over the years. The England and Wales –1990 Clinical Study […]

                           INCONTINENT   The word incontinent means the loss of control over something, usually referring to a bodily function. This writing will address being incontinent of urine or the possibly of still remaining continent, with the proper supplies. If you or a loved one has been labeled incontinent of urine or the loss of bladder […]

                                                                               CHUCKS   Chucks is a product that protects the bed sheets from being soiled through the night if people are attempting to urinate while in bed. Chucks is a very absorbent material with a plastic backing. Usually one or two are used for more protection. They can be used several nights if nothing […]

                                                                            INCONTINENCE PRODUCTS    This article will focus on incontinence products and continence products. The reason for listing both is that it is possible for some incontinence product users to become continence product users. Is it possible to be able to change from an incontinent person to a continent person? Yes in some […]

                                                    FEMALE URINAL Q- Is there a urinal that is right for a woman?  A-A resounding yes. Q- OK what makes a urinal the “right” urinal? A-    That is the most important question that needs to be asked and answered. So let’s look and at the criteria that the right female urinal or female urinals […]

                                                                                                                                                                    CONTINENT Each of us can relate to the word continent regarding the elimination of bodily waste known as urine. We all would prefer to be continent, or in control of this issue, as we have throughout our lives. Sometimes the boundaries between continence and incontinency are varying and often obscured. Many factors including […]

Fast Shipping – Great Product

Very impressed with how quickly this product arrived. I always look for that from companies that sell medical products. Works well, is lightweight and durable, even the tubing. Would recommend this product. (Company also included a small bag of candy – a nice customer service touch!)

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