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Changed My Life

I was born with a disability, Arthrogryposis, and have used a wheelchair all my life. About a year ago, my husband had a mild stroke and was no longer able to use the hoyer to take me to the bathroom at night. Out of desperation one night, we searched for female urinals and discovered that […]

Foley Catheter

The name Foley Catheter is a name and an honor given to the inventor for his invention of an indwelling tube inserted into the bladder to drain urine. These urinary catheters or just catheters are marvelous tools for those who really need assistance. Occasionally a catheter is used for the convenience of the family, staff, […]

Catheter Bag

The catheter bag is a critical component of the indwelling urine catheter. A catheter is a device that is inserted into the bladder to receive urine and let it flow into the catheter bag. There are several types of valves that let the urine into the bag. The indwelling catheter systems play an important role […]

                                     HEALTH SUPPLIES   Health supplies are in great abundance, and there certainly is a vast variety. When we are searching for a product we want comparable items so that we can make the best choice possible, as fast as possible. This writing under Heath Supplies will focus on urinary products. They are divided into […]