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I Live In Australia

I live in Australia and I recently purchased your “male urinal, comfort modelI would like to thank your company for an excellent product. My husband has had a stroke and has experienced loss of bladder control. Your product has made his and my life so much easier. I would like to thank Larry for all […]

Perfect Solution

This product was purchased for a female patient who had an “Indiana Augmentation”. As her caretaker I was having a very difficult time keeping urine off her body during the night. with this Urinal System in place next to her on the bed she was clean and dry all night. This is the perfect solution […]

Best Urinal Ever!

Beyond what the other reviewers have said about having a drainage bag the design of the urinal is GREAT! Why they don’t all come with a rounded bottom for ease of use is beyond me. Well done Advantage! My only complaint is I wish they made this design without the bag for daytime use. I […]

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Do You Really Need a Urinal?

In most cases when the time comes for using a urinal there is no time to waste. Unfortunately most urinals are single use units. That means that if you have used it already then someone has to empty it and that is when the trouble starts. Either the caregiver has to get up to empty […]

Excellent Product

It seems like some form of linguistic twist to use the adjective ‘Beautiful’ while discussing a urinal, but that’s what fits. Previous reviews describing advantages and benefits do an excellent job of explaining things so I’ll not waste your time reading a re-write of them, except to say they should be reviewed. This item comes […]

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