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Easy to Clean

My husband has been using the system for a few days and it working well for him. He keeps it hidden under the sheet so others will not see the urinal sitting on his bedside stand. It has helped me from emptying the urinal every time he voided, now I can do it a couple […]

More Sleep For Me

Why didn’t someone think of this before? I’m a registered nurse caring for an invalid male family member, and this is the best urinal for night time use (don’t need it during the day). I don’t have to check every 2-3 hrs to see if it needs emptying, which means more sleep for me. I […]

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Useful After Surgery

Yes, this was great and so useful after surgery, when getting to the bathroom several times a day or night was nearly impossible. It was a simple well designed device and loved the little hook on the bag for hanging on bedside. Also the hand held device had a flat bottom, easy to place. So […]

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