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Perfect For Bedside

This has been a life saver for my overactive bladder dad. My dad had a stroke 5 months ago and isn’t mobile by himself. He usually has to pee a few times in the night, and getting him up and out of bed while half asleep is just too difficult. I had first purchased just […]

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Highly Recommended

A relative of mine has Parkinson’s, bladder control issues and a recent mobility issues related to surgery. So he is not in a position to jump right out of bed to use the bathroom. In the past he has used a typical urine bottle but unfortunately due to balance issues and tremors has dropped or […]

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Fantastic Product

This is a replacement system for another one. Fantastic product for my husband who is bed bound. I only empty it in am and pm and it would probably be ok once a day. Company and owner are great to work with and will help you if you have any concerns.

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