Comfort Female

Comfort Female Urinal - $33.99

Includes large, attached reservoir bag. Comfort Ring color may vary.

Finally, a urinal carefully and specifically designed for a woman's body with a larger opening for ease of use. The Comfort Female is ideal for women who may have difficulty getting around at night, for pregnant women on ordered bed-rest, who have a bladder infection, or who suffer from frequent urination.


The Comfort Female features an attached storage bag that hangs from the bed frame. The large capacity bag won't need emptying until morning even if used numerous times throughout the night.


The system has  a unique, non-absorbent, germ resistant ring - which in addition to comfort provides extra protection from potentially dangerous infections.


Use the urinal, return it to the bedside with no worries about spills, then just go back to sleep without getting out of bed or needing assistance.

User Benefits

​Advantage Urinals may restore users freedom, independence and dignity while helping to:

     – Reduce Risk of Falls

     – Decrease Infections

     – Decrease Urine Spills

     – Reduce Accidents

     – Maintain Bladder Memory
     – Decrease Excess or Night time Ambulation



Advantage Urinals

​For those who are continent of bladder, wheelchair  or homebound or those who require assistance with toileting, the Advantage Urinal System is a necessity.


Advantage Urinals are quicker and safer to use than navigating difficult or smaller bathrooms or when assistance isn’t readily available. The urinals ease of use ensures fewer accidents and more user independence. Advantage Urinals are easy to use, easy to drain and easy to clean.

Caregiver Benefits

Advantage Urinals simplify the work of a caregiver, resulting in:


     – Time Savings
     – Uninterrupted Night Sleep
     – Reduction of Spills and Odors


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