Comfort Male Urinal

Our most popular model, the Comfort Male, is the choice of men who may need the system a little longer.  (more)


Standard Male Urinal

The Standard Male is ideal for younger, more active men.  (more)


Close-Fit Male Urinal

The Close Fit Male was designed for men with contracted anatomy.  (more)


Comfort Female Urinal

Specifically designed for a womans body with a larger opening for ease of use  (more)


Slim-fit Female Urinal

The Slim-fit Female has been designed to accommodate women with contracted abductor muscles. (more)


Children's Male Urinal

The Children’s Male model is scaled to 2/3rds the size of our adult Comfort Male System

to fit the needs of young boys.


Children's Female Urinal

The Children’s Female model is scaled to 2/3rds the size of our adult systems to fit the needs of young girls. (more)


3-Pack Replacement Bags

3 two liter, Multi-use replaceable collection bag with flexible, kink resistant tubing. Easy twist connector allows



Replacement Bag

1 two liter, Multi-use replaceable collection bag with flexible, kink resistant tubing. Easy twist connector allows (more)


Privacy Tote

The optional privacy tote is machine washable and looks like a laptop computer bag; it’s perfect for road trips or in long-term care facilities which may require the bag's concealment.


User Benefits

​Advantage Urinals may restore users freedom, independence and dignity while helping to:


– Reduce the risk of falls by reducing bathroom trips

Decrease Infections (thanks to non-invasive design)

– Decrease Urine Spills

Reduce Accidents - many users don't have to wait for      a care giver to assist

Maintain Bladder Memory
Decrease Excess or Nighttime Ambulation

Advantage Urinals

​For those who are continent of bladder, wheelchair  or homebound or those who require assistance with toileting, the Advantage Urinal System is a necessity.


Advantage Urinals are quicker and safer to use than navigating difficult or smaller bathrooms or when assistance isn’t readily available. The urinals ease of use ensures fewer accidents and more user independence. Advantage Urinals are easy to use, easy to drain and easy to clean.

Caregiver Benefits

Advantage Urinals simplify the work of a caregiver, resulting in:


     – Time Savings
     – Uninterrupted Night Sleep
     – Reduction of Spills and Odors


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