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Comfort Male Urinal

 The Comfort Male, is the choice of men who may need the system a little longer. (more)

Standard Male Urinal

The Standard Male is ideal for younger, more active men. (more)

Close-Fit Male Urinal

The Close Fit Male was designed for men with contracted anatomy. (more)


Reduce Falls and Prevent Infections

Advantage Urinals reduce the risk of nighttime falls and the danger of serious infection. (more)

Comfort Female Urinal

The Comfort Female was specifically designed for a woman's body with a larger opening for ease of use. (more)

User Benefits

Advantage Systems provide users and caregivers with new freedom, flexibility and independence.

How Do Advantage Urinals Work

Each system features a high-quality polyethylene urinal. Comfort models have what feels like (more)

Caregivers Benefit Too

Advantage Urinals Systems simplify the work of caregivers.